A dog like Chuck Norris

Hello, I recently found this cute dog, but when I saw it, it looked like Chuck Norris for me. Is it the same for you?

Photographer level 1000

Hello. I just found this interesting and funny picture. The photographer's question was just excellent, but I think the girl misunderstood it, lol. Enjoy & have fun!

I am you, but faster

Hello. Do you like cartoons? I will show you one funny picture that really made me smile. Enjoy it (*And don't forget to share the image with your friends)

Why is Six afraid of Seven

Have you guys heard this question? I assumed YES. I found this interesting and cool drawing that will surely describe the answer in a fancy way.

Why escape room games are so popular?

Hello ladies and gentlemen. In today's article I am going to speak about escape rooms and why they are a very popular way to do a great team building.

But, first let me tell you what is an escape room if you don't know! This is a real-life puzzle game. You are locked in a specific room and you have to solve puzzles to get out. But what makes it so special is the fact that you are NOT alone. You and a specific number of people are onto this adventure. In most cases, the group size is between 4 and 12, but as I like saying: The More - The Better.

In all cases, the fun is guaranteed. The team activities are so well chosen, that your teamwork should be excellent. Of course it could happen that you took part in any escape room game which is different in another location. For example this escape room Gainesville is one of my favorite places to go and have fun when I am together with some friends of mine. But why is it so great and one of the best team building methods? The answer is absolutely simple: It helps team work together in very difficult situations, help each other and the most important each team's member depends on the others. As in most of the cases the objective is clear - to "escape" the room, the puzzles involve at least 2-3 people to take part, so this is NOT a solo game. If you don't enjoy having fun with others and if you are NOT a team player, then Escape Room Games are NOT for you!

Funny dog picture

Hi funny pictures lovers. This time I will show you one very interesting dog picture that will surely make you smile. Sometimes a dog can be invisible. Like in the situation below. Check the humorous and entertaining photo and don't forget to have fun!

Funny dog picture

Are Engraved Plaques a good way to praise somebody

Hello. In our life we often want to praise somebody for his action. We can call this an award at all. This is something that we give to a specific person or a group of people like an organization or for example a sports team. This type of award can be different. A trophy, a certificate, a medal or even a badge. Giving such an award is important to motivate the person (or the people) that will receive it as this will as it will increase his self-esteem. Another great example of such awards is the Nobel Prize for a contribution to society and many, many others.

Awards play an important role in any organization. It shows that the CEO or the business owner is confident with his employee is doing a good job. Giving them an award in any form will show the employee that his actions are being reviewed and approved by his boss and this will be a recognition of his excellence in a certain field. I know such organization where there is a so-called "Employee of the month" which is given to a specific person every month for his job well done. It's a form of certificate which more looks like an engraved plaque. In such cases there is a competition between all the employees in the specific organization and this will increase the quality of the work at all. Name plaques in a form of a badge for example are also a good way to make somebody stand out of the crowd (I am still talking about the organization).

So let's see some examples. There are thousands of different designs for engraved plaques. But one of the most important factors is NOT to look like it's a funny picture or a joke. We are serious here. And another important thing, we need to be sure that each plaque is unique if we are going to give to more than 1 employee in our organization.