So big pills

Hello. This funny cartoon picture made me smile. Of course it would be impossible to COPE with those pills if that was true, but at least it is humorous, lol.

Humorous picture

Funny student picture

Hi. I am pretty sure everybody did this at least once. Send this page to a friend of you who will laugh a lot with this funny picture.

Funny student pic

A game with words

Hello, my friends. I will show you one interesting pic. I am almost sure you never paid attention to the word IsLand. So, check the funny picture and have fun.

A dog like Chuck Norris

Hello, I recently found this cute dog, but when I saw it, it looked like Chuck Norris for me. Is it the same for you?

Photographer level 1000

Hello. I just found this interesting and funny picture. The photographer's question was just excellent, but I think the girl misunderstood it, lol. Enjoy & have fun!

I am you, but faster

Hello. Do you like cartoons? I will show you one funny picture that really made me smile. Enjoy it (*And don't forget to share the image with your friends)

Why is Six afraid of Seven

Have you guys heard this question? I assumed YES. I found this interesting and cool drawing that will surely describe the answer in a fancy way.