Funny cat and dog

Hello to all people that love

cats and dogs

. This time I will show you a really funny picture that's typical for homes where a cat and dog are playing together. They are both so cute. Thank you for your visit and I am pretty sure you will love it and this is so funny, isn't it?
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Funny cat and dog

What does every girl want?

This was really a nice and

funny joke

. I don't know if this is right, but at least it's really funny. But this would be the perfect boyfriend for every girl, lol!

Funny ninja picture

Funny boy picture

Hello. Today I am going to share another

funny boy picture

that looks confusing at first glance, but take a better look... And maybe you have to zoom in to see everything... Is this cute girl really giving him a kiss or the cameraman made it look like this? I will leave it up to you to understand!

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Funny cat picture

Lol. Such a mess can only a cat do. Lol. They are so

cute cats

, but really playful and they love to rearrange the house!
Funny cat photo

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