I am the moon

Hello. I would like to show you one interesting and

funny selfie

that really made me smile. I will also try it as the final result will be a lot of fun of course. But this is the most interesting selfie idea I've ever found. If you have other cool and nice selfies or ideas, do not forget to share them in the comments. Thank you and I hope you will like the picture.

Funny dog photo

Hello. I found this amazingly

funny dog photo

that really made me smile. I am a dog lover and I am prety sure you will also like it especially if you are an animal lover. Check it and enjoy, have fun. Do not forget to share with your friends, family, any dog lovers, animal lovers, everybody. The puppy is so cute and lovely and deserve your love! ☺ ♥ ☺

Funny GTA picture

Hello. Are you a GTA fan? (Grand Theft Auto). It's an interesting and addictive video game with a few words... But special for all those GTA fans out there I would like to show this

funny GTA picture

where it looks like just in the real life, lol... Funny GTA photo

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Selfie time

Hello everybody. I am a big animal lover, but I also really enjoy watching cool, nice, beautiful and

funny animal pictures

. This time I will show you a cute cat which doesn't know what danger means... This is also real sometimes in the real life too... But this time the cat wants to take a selfie. But it won't be interesting if there is only 1 cat... that's why 2 cats also appeared just behind the cat... Now it's not selfie time, it's a running time. :)

While on a selfie time (technology topic), you might find another good and funny computer picture of a girl that tries to "scan" her computer.

Humorous cat picture

Funny Valentines day picture

Hi. As Valentines day is almost here, I decided to share with you one

funny Valentines day picture

that shows how this cute girl wants to spend the day... Food is just her true love.. What about you? Are you going to spend the day with a special for you person... Maybe someone you love? I wish you a very happy and a wonderful day!

By the way did you get a cute and lovely Valentines Day card that you can show your boy/ girlfriend? Here is something you can check:
Get a Valentines Day card

Funny pic

A dog that loves reading

Hello. This time I will show you two interesting and

funny dog pictures

. There are such dogs that like reading books, lol. But the main idea is everybody to have fun, so don't forget to share this funny photoset with your friends. It's special for all

dog lovers


By the way if you have a dog, those good dog training tips could help you a lot with your training because it's really important to raise a puppy the right way and train your dog in a good manner!

Funny dog photo Funny dog picture